LAIKA Open Source Software

About Us

LAIKA is an animation studio based in Portland, Oregon (USA). We are currently working on two feature films and a large number of commercial projects. More information is available at

LAIKA's Information Systems group is a team of programmers, database administrators, and tech writers inside the Information Technology department. We make the shiny tools that help the rest of LAIKA do their jobs more easily, ease the sharing of information between groups, and solve mission-critical problems (like picking a place to go to lunch).

We believe in open source software. Many of the tools we use in-house are open source, and we feel strongly that we should give back whenever possible. These projects were all developed to fit needs within our organization, but designed to be useful outside LAIKA as well. They're released under the BSD license, and are therefore free to use, in every sense of the word.


Description: Ruby code to access and inspect Delicious Library libraries.
Repository: svn://
Growl Notifier
Description: A plugin for CruiseControl.rb that sends build notifications to one or more Growl daemons.
Repository: svn://
Description: A framework for building command-line interfaces.
Repository: svn://
TextMate Bundle
Description: Some of us use TextMate. This bundle includes some helpful commands and snippets that we wrote.
Repository: svn://
Description: A network accessable datastore with extensible metadata.
Repository: svn://

How To Get Our Code

The main point of distribution for all LAIKA projects is our trac instance at We also distribute files via RubyForge (you're there now!), so our gems should be available via the normal gem installation mechanism. RubyForge downloads can be found on our project page.

Note that our projects will not necessarily have gems; however, all of our current projects do. If you need to email us, please use